To integrate the scientific and university communities with applications of the next generation Internet were the central goals of Science, Culture and Education over Internet2.

The meeting joined the national researchers that work in high speed networks as a tool for their projects, with scientists, teachers and students, in the exploration of the range of possibilities that Internet2 opens as a powerful research tool. One of the starting goals was to deploy a group of new generation applications which will act as an incentive for national and international research.

The registry of what happened during the days of the meeting (April 4 - 6, Valparaíso, Chile) is in this web site. We hoped that this place becomes the common space for those who are starting to discover and to work on Internet2.

The thematic areas, mostly in the Conferences were:

  • Architecture and arts
  • Astronomy
  • Bio informatic
  • Sciences of the see and land
  • Climate and meteorology
  • Education
  • Medicine
  • Environment
  • Technology

Historical Background

On last August REUNA integrated Chile to Internet2, the new generation high speed Internet for research and developing, in the world.

This fact converted Chile in the first Latin American country interconected with the selective group of nations that are at the technological frontier in the fields of information and communication technologies (for further information press here).

Internet2 is a vital tool for the research in new generation applications and services. The mission of Internet2 is to: "1. Create a leading edge network capability for the national research community. 2. Enable revolutionary Internet applications. 3. Ensure the rapid transfer of new network services and applications to the broader Internet community".

The milestone marked in the year 2000, with the incorporation of Chile to Internet2, through REUNA, generates a new road to advance in connection with the applications in the international community.