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After the positive experience of the 1st International Meeting "Science, Culture and Education over Internet2", held in April of 2001 in Valparaíso (Chile, Fifth Region), the execution of this 2nd Meeting is highly valuable for Chile and Latin America.

During the days 4, 5 and 6 of April of 2001, the national university and scientific communities knew the state of development of the new technologies and discovered some of the applications of Internet2. This fact was an incentive for the promotion of important interuniversity collaboration projects that today connect academic and students of Chile with foreign institutions of Superior Education and investigation, connected to academichigh speed networks like Internet2.

Today the task is greater. Once we have known the advantages and benefits this network of last generation and that already we began to apply them to our academic life, we must continue and deepen the work of knowledge. Every day new applications are developed and Chile cannot stay aside of this strong way of development. It is necessary to continue learning of the experiences that are carried out in the world and in the interior of our borders, just by this way we will ensure the impel of advance in the fields of knowledge and technology.

The 2nd International Meeting "Science, Culture and Education over Internet2", will be carried out in the Campus of Isla Teja which belongs to the Austral University of Chile (Universidad Austral de Chile), during days 10 and 11 of April of 2002. This 2nd Meeting will be linked in April 12th, in the same dependencies, with the First AMPATH™ International Conference.

As the attenders of the 1st Meeting discovered, the presented scene congregate the more outstanding national and foreigners investigators that use high speed networks like a tool of support ans development for their projects and put them in contact with scientists, proffesors, students, members of the civilianand economic Chilean community, and also with our opinion leaders, in the visualization of the infinite range of possibilities that Internet2 open through it's powerful investigation tools.


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