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Founded on September of 1954, the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh) is one of the universities with vaster trajectory of our country.

Located into the beautiful and historical city of Valdivia, and turned into the neuralgic center of the Teja Island, the UACh becomes into one of the few universities of Chile that develops good part of its academic task in the middle of natural and fluvial surroundings.

The high level reached in teaching, investigation and superior education; it has caused that during decades the UACh gives satisfactory answers to the necessities demanded within the existing academic units in Chile.

Another aspect that emphasizes it, is its permanent search to stay open to the changes and the social requirements of every time. With the previous thing, it has been able to cultivate and to increase, to conserve and to transmit the sciences, the technology and the arts in its more elevated expressions.

Conscious of these comparative advantages today the Universidad Austral de Chile has three campuses (Teja Island, Puerto Montt and Miraflores) and ten faculties to develop with academic excellence its activities in a complete and professional form.

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